Sustainable Development Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities

We celebrate diversity, community, and equality, pushing for social welfare and proper working conditions throughout all tiers of our supply chain, in accordance with our dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 10.

Based on the framework by Dansk Fashion & Textiles, our Code of Conduct follows the UN Guiding Principles and the Bill of Human Rights.

In unison with our Code of Conduct, our 8 Principles of Social Responsibility are set to ensure that our employees and business partners comply with our ethical values and business standards.


01GENDER – We work for equal wages and salaries, based on skill, not gender - demanding equal job and growth opportunities. We encourage and support equal gender representation in management positions.
02DIVERSITY – We are driven and inspired by the diversity in skill, age, cultural heritage, nationality, sexuality, and gender. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any form of discrimination. We ensure that every voice at any level is heard in our audits and meetings.
03HARASSMENT – People shall be able to be who they are while expressing themselves and their opinions freely without harassment. Harassment, including sexual harassment, violence, or abuse of power and status, is unacceptable, and we condemn any sexism, racism, trans- and homophobia.
04HEALTH & SAFETY – We believe that everyone has the right to do their job without endangering their health, have access to appropriate protective equipment, clean water, toilet facilities and be provided with health insurance that covers all work-related hazards.
05LABOUR STANDARDS – Everyone should be free to form and join trade unions, engage in collective bargaining and retain the right to strike. All workers must be under an employment contract and have the right to terminate it freely. NN07 does not accept child labour, forced labour, or slavery.
06CORRUPTION – We believe in doing business with integrity and do not accept any bribery or corruption. All employees and business partners are expected to reject any gifts of substantial monetary value that may be perceived as bribery. We advise asking for a second opinion before accepting business-related gifts.
07WORKING HOURS - We believe in a healthy work-life balance. Carrying out work during regular working hours and overtime must be voluntary and only occur under certain circumstances. In such cases, workers must receive appropriate compensation. In addition, all workers must have the right to rest, leisure time, and paid holidays following national regulations as a minimum.
08WAGES - As a minimum, NN07 requires that employers in our supply chain pay their employees minimum wages. We want to improve the financial situation of everyone in our supply chain, and we are working closely with our suppliers to continuously improve wage levels.
Members of BSCI


We are members of amfori and part of amfori BSCI to better monitor and improve the social performance within our supply chain. We use the amfori BSCI Country Risk Classification to highlight which supplier countries need extra attention to ensure responsible treatment of workers.

We trust all our partners regardless of nationality, but we do not take risks when it comes to social and working conditions, and our ambition is to ensure that all suppliers in risk countries have a valid BSCI audit, SMETA audit, or SA8000 certificate.

Exploring the world is part of our DNA, and we work with people across the globe. Dialogue, long-term collaboration, and audits in the supply chain are vital for us to ensure and improve human rights.