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AW20 I Copenhagen, Denmark
Our brand was founded in the city of Copenhagen in 2007. Since then, we have traveled the world to create our campaigns. This season our journey was shorter. Much shorter.
We simply walked out of our front door to take a closer look at our own city—a way to rediscover and explore the town where we spend our days. You quickly get blind to flaws at home when everyday life goes on.
But we found another side of Copenhagen.
We met up with the people who create the ambiance and soundtrack of our lives in Copenhagen. The architect, the foodie, the wine bar owner, the painter, the musician, and the craftsman were some of the people we met.
This is our journey on our own backstreets. Welcome.
SS20 | St Remy De Provence, France
It was the search of light that brought us to the south of France. With the knowledge about the very special light surrounding this place, we set our destination for our shoot. We wanted to celebrate the season of light. The same light that has inspired and used by some of the world’s most famous painters.

When closing into the city, driving in our small french car, the landscape changed. Dramatic limestone rocks, crumbling olive groves, and fields of lavender followed us along the road.

When we arrived to the village, we found a quiet, beautiful – almost sleepy place — a few restaurants and cafés surrounding the main square. A place where we found we found space for our bodies, minds, and spirits. A place in which luxury means feeding the mind rather than the ego.
AW19 | Upstate New York

We headed west and went up to The Catskills Mountains
in Hudson River Valley on the American East Coast.
A place for the great escape. A place for breathing
and a place that attracts creative souls.
Since our collection is inspired and created with the
American outdoors in mind.

We drove up to the Catskills in the disappearing lights a late
Saturday afternoon, and got hit by a snowstorm, but made it on
slippery roads all the way to Deer Mountain Inn where we checked in.
We met people that made a lasting impression on us. People just as
dedicated to their craftmanship and passion, as we are to our clothes.
Musicians, painters, bakers, and chefs.

People beyond the ordinary.

SS19 | Cape Town
South Africa
Colorful contrasts. That's the best words to describe our destination for Spring & Summer 2019. A country with a dark history, yet a growing optimism. With mountains in the back, and the roaring ocean in front, Cape Town dwells in between, hiding from the winds sweeping over Table Mountain. Our journey took us from trendy ginsoaked bars and hipster cafés in Woodstock, passing the bold and beautiful life in Camps Bay, all the way to the brutal reality in the Townships on the hillsides outside Hout Bay. This is our journey.
AW18 | Kyoto and Osaka
This journey took us to Japan, where our history began.
Japanese culture has influenced us since forever;
here we found inspiration to launch our brand. On this
return trip, we headed south to Japan’s old capital city.
Kyoto – the emperors’ city. Arriving on a high-speed
train and slowing down. Entering the philosophers path.
Embracing the ancient culture, temples, and exploring
this vibrant city’s culinary scene. We had encounters with
geishas, samurais, kendo fighters, and deadly fish.
Welcome back to the land of the rising sun.
SS18 | Italy
Time is one of today's most precious possessions. But you can’t buy
it – it’s free. Life is all about what you do with the time you get and
decisions you make, paths you take. Our personal interest in time,
and obsessions with it, probably comes with age and understanding.
Reflections on journeys made and paths taken to where we are right
now. We traveled to Italy to find the Essence of Time.
We captured a few precious days that are now part of our history.
Horse races, freedivers, chefs and many more filled our journey.
Time is one of the few things in life that
is equal for everyone. Time is fair, and time is
unforgivable. The pace of time is constant
Time is one of the few things in life that
is equal for everyone. Time is fair, and time is
unforgivable. The pace of time is constant
SS17 | Havana
Havana, Cuba is a legendary place with an exciting, complex history that
includes slavery, revolutions, and politics. We travel with an open mind,
to find the true spirit of a destination. In Havana we found a city that was
poor when it came to assets and belongings – but rich, and generous with
love, personalities, dance and passion.
In Havana we met dancers, chefs, rickshaw drivers, singers and teachers.
We met a place filled with pure joy, great food and even greater drinks.
We smoked cigars, drank rum, and danced through the nights.
AW16 | Helsinki
HHelsinki – a hidden Scandinavian treasure. A city filled with contradictions
and unexpected encounters. A walk through the city exposes you to
amazing architecture, great design, and classical music.
We portrayed lots of nice people: hairdressers, climbers, musicians,
bartenders, and actors, together with great architecture.
SS16 | Côte d'Azur
Sunshine, decadence, glamour, celebrities, and lots of champagne. The French Riviera
has it all. It's also the blue water, the white pebble beaches, and the red wine.
It's about French mediterrainean cuisine, lazy days at the beach, and long drives in
open cars. Côte d'Azur is about living, and enjoying the good life. We street casted
med along the coast, from Cannes to Monaco. Astronomers, bellboys, musicians,
spear fisherman, car enthusiasts and more bacame our models.
SS15 | Los Angeles
Welcome to Los Angeles, the city which fast pace and endless
sunshine attract people from around the world – folks who want
to fulfill their dreams. Here every doorman, waitress,
or clerk is an actor, musician, or artist. The place where
dreams are born, come true, and crash.
We roamed around downtown LA looking for street art. We hung
out in Malibu to check out the surfers. We joined a pool party
in Hollywood. We met barbers, dancers, musicians, the homeless,
waiters, muscle men, bartenders, painters, and many more.
Welcome to the land of dreams and the city of angels.
SS14 | Wangala
The Maasai have existed for more than 3000 years. A proud
people who kept their colorful clothes, and culture while
the rest of the world has been changing. This campaign was
a tribute to the Maasai of Wangala, Kenya. To their outstanding
pride and timeless style. Probably the best looking models
we ever had. Thank you Emanuel, Noah, and all the other
young men in Wangala Village.
SS13 | Buenos Aires
A bustling city where we found fantastic steaks and
great wine. Tango and passion for music and life.
We enjoyed the most wonderful Sunday afternoon
at a small hole-in-the-wall, where we recorded
the soundtrack for our film. We travelled to the vast,
gorgeous green countryside of Estancia Santa Domingo
to meet the cowboys of Argentina – the gauchos.
SS12 | Ibiza
We wanted to celebrate the almost surreal feeling of the 80's glossy
charter-trip catalogues with promises of sun, sand, and
exotic food. Very nice people at even nicer beaches.
A plastic world that really didn't exist.
We paid a visit to the island in which every day is a party. Ibiza,
and found a melting pot of people from around the world.
Crazy, lovely, fantastic and great looking people.
SS11 | Sweden
We bought an old 1961 Volvo Amazon, and made a journey that brought us into the
very heart of Sweden. Through forests – past lakes, villages, and people – off the
beaten track. A journey that took us back in time to small motels, cafés, and restaurants.
Many of them forgotten. Few of them famous. In the drivers seat was a musician
and a carpenter we've met along the road earlier that year.
Unfortunately this was the first and last journey we took in this car, because a
handyman in a hurry ended our trip by crashing into us late on a Friday afternoon,
on a gravel road among cows and flowers
SS10 | Merzouga desert
They do exist – people without nationality. Those who don’t belong
to a country and don’t have a piece of land they can call their own.
Two days of air, car, and camel travel took us to the Merzouga desert
in northern Africa – on the border between Algeria and Morocco.
There we met Brahim, Ali, Mimmid, and other proud desert
nomads who contributed to our desert catalogue.
This was our first “trunk-and-camera trip”: one art director with
a bag of clothes and one photographer with a camera.

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