By optimising our resource use and replacing conventional materials and processes with low-impact preferred alternatives, we design responsibly made-to-last products with attention to the needs of today and tomorrow. In our dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 12, we work towards ensuring responsible production and sustainable consumption.

6 Responsible Design Principles

The products that we call Responsibly Made To Last have a lower environmental impact and follow our 6 responsible design principles below:
01Designed in high quality for ultimate longevity
02Produced socially responsible and traceable
03With high standards for animal welfare
04Made from at least 50% of our preferred materials
05Using fewer resources, water and energy
06Generating less waste, pollution and emissions


We only use FSC-certified paper and cardboard and are working towards eliminating virgin plastic in all packaging. We are constantly improving our packaging materials and looking into how we can reduce waste and resource use for single-use packaging. In the coming years, we will completely re-consider how we package and transport our goods, aiming to reduce excess transportation and use the best packaging materials solutions available.



We use chemicals in many forms, such as dyes, water repellent finishes, and prints. They are an essential part of garment production as they improve look, performance, and durability. We take great responsibility for ensuring that we do this in the best and safest way and  are working from the high chemical standards and requirements developed by AFIRM Group from which our suppliers must comply.