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This is our journeys previous to our Scotland trip. We’ve covered a lot of the world on previous travel. And we met incredible personalities: nomads in the Merzouga desert, trendsetters in Shibuya, gauchos in Buenos Aires, and vikings in Reykjavik. Dedicated people. Read more about our different journeys below. And if you want to join us on our next journey, send an application, with an explanation of why you should come with us:


The Spring & Summer 2018 collection from NN07 is all about time. Or more accurately, it’s about taking your time, not rushing, to do things properly.

Cook a great meal, spend time with your family, make love and produce great clothes - you have to take your time to do it properly.

So for this collection, the destination in Italy. The place where the Balsamico oil takes the time a Balsamico oil needs to get done.

Where dinners are late in the evening and passion is deep and true. We celebrate the ones who take their time to live life to the fullest.


From the city to the highlands and the islands.. This trip took us to Scotland. A country filled with history, barren highlands, snow-covered mountains, and cascading rivers. To find our own heroes, we traveled the land of legends such as William Wallace and Rob Roy. Individuals who made a difference in their own way – thanks to dedication, passion, and curiosity about life.

Meet the guy, who dives for scallops, or the man who left Japan for the love of whisky.

Read about a passionate person, who lets serendipity guide him through life, or a character in a constant quest for the best coffee – plus many others.

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Havana, Cuba is a legendary place with an exciting, complex history that includes slavery, revolutions, and politics. We always travel with an open mind, and our mission on every journey is to find the true spirit of a destination. In Havana we found a city that was poor when it came to assets and belongings – but rich, and generous with love, personalities, dance and passion.

We are No Nationality. The world is our arena, and our playground. Our models are street-casted people we meet on the journey. Here in Havana we met dancers, chefs, rickshaw drivers, singers and teachers. We met a place filled with pure joy, great food and even greater drinks. We smoked cigars, drank rum, and danced through the nights. Our aim is to inspire other people to travel, and to be open minded.

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WE TRAVEL THE WORLD to take photos and develop our brand – always seeking new locations that grab our attention. Helsinki might not seem like a first choice when discussing weekend trips. But go there, and you’ll change your mind. It’s truly a hidden Scandinavian treasure. A city filled with contradictions and unexpected encounters. A walk through the city exposes you to amazing architecture, great design, and classical music.

As always when we pack our collection and a camera, we never know what to expect, who we’ll meet or what the final results will look like. This trip, we met many nice people: hairdressers, climbers, musicians, bartenders, and actors. We documented beautiful public and private interiors and exteriors, e.g., concert halls, churches, and other buildings. Then we added great garments so you can dress well and keep winter away, so you can truly enjoy life.

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The NN07 SS16 campaign is all about Côte D’Azur. From design inspiration to the final images, the French Riviera is ubiquitous. This is evident in the mix of sport and fashion that defines the collection, in the choice of key-colors that moves from plain white to kit and khaki, in the styling that combines 90’s sport classics with contemporary sartorial pieces, and in the campaign images that are shot on street casted men in Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monaco.

This campaign is about the people of Côte D’Azur, styled in the clothes inspired by their lifestyle. It’s about the good life, in all aspects of the term, and it’s about being proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

Welcome summer, welcome Pastis and french cuisine, welcome long drives in open cars – welcome to Côte D’Azur.

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Our Lisbon journey took us to a vibrant, cultural metropolis. Besides being one of Europe’s oldest capitals, it’s the western-most capital of continental Europe – situated on 7 (seven!) hills at the mouth of the Tagus River.

We spent five fabulous days around the city. We tasted, sipped, and laughed our way through the narrow, colorful, steep streets, long beaches, and trendy bars and restaurants, where we found our models.

Our collection this season features a scaled-down color palette. Greys, beiges, and natural khaki coordinate with our blue nuances. Fabrics are a mix of natural brushed cotton, fine wool, and technical materials. A dynamic, unexpected mix of comfort, functionality, and luxurious quality to keep you warm, dry, and in style during this coming winter.

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This city is true LA-LA land. A place in which every doorman, waitress, or clerk is an actor, musician, or artist. The place where dreams are born, come true, and crash.

We stayed in Los Angeles on the hottest days of the year. And we roamed around downtown LA looking for street art. We hung out in Malibu – to check out the surfers. We joined a pool party in Hollywood. We met barbers, dancers, musicians, the homeless, waiters, muscle men, bartenders, painters, and many more.

Welcome to the land of dreams and the city of angels.

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Switzerland is known for cheese, watches, and bank accounts. In that order we think. We saw another side of it. We spent the first days at the White Pods village in Les Giettes. A small hideaway on a mountainside, not known by many people but a truly amazing place, where you live in big white huts. Minding your own business: eco-tourism at its best with a quiet atmosphere.

A two-hour drive took us to Verbier – famous jet-set territory. Our photos of the village were a bit different than the usual ones; we photographed a bunch of ski lovers, who divided their days between working in the village and skiing. We met bartenders and butlers. Chefs and true ski bums. We ended our trip with a helicopter tour to 3000 mas – with a man in a mohawk.

The many wooden facades of Verbier amazed us. We shot 5000 photos of wood, and the photos landed on each catalogue cover with a punched out classic Swiss cross. We wrapped our product poster around each catalogue that was hand-numbered.

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People with histories and stories to tell always fascinate us. The Maasai are a people like that. They have existed for more than 3000 years. A proud people who kept their colorful clothes, and culture while the rest of the world has been changing.

This catalogue was a tribute to the Maasai of Wangala, Kenya. To their outstanding pride and timeless style. Probably the best looking models we ever had. Thank you Emanuel, Noah, and all the other young men. You are the true originals of tomorrow.

Every catalogue contained an individually designed bookmark – a beaded band, handicraft made in the village of Wangala. We inserted 5000 unique bands into the hand-numbered catalogues.

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It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live on an island that mostly consists of black lava, boiling water, and tons of snow. Iceland is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the Atlantic, surrounded by water, constant winds, and temperatures that rarely rise above 20°C (65°F). Welcome to the land of fire and ice.

We visited Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, the Black Beach, and the vast countryside with burned colors and giant waterfalls. An absolutely amazing place.

The catalogue cover was hard, rough cardboard, with an embossed silhouette of the island. We individually burned the lower part of 5000 letters and inserted them into the catalogues. Then we numbered the covers by hand, and put a hand-stamped paper band around each catalogue.

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Time for a new continent. We’ve been to Asia, the U.S., and Europe. This time, our tickets said Buenos Aires. The bags were packed. Although we changed our modus operandi and brought along a film photographer to document our journey and make a film about our experiences – to share with everyone who wasn’t there.

Once in bustling Buenos Aires, we found fantastic food and wine. Tango and passion for music and life. We enjoyed the most wonderful Sunday afternoon at a small hole-in-the-wall, where we recorded the soundtrack for our film. We travelled to the vast, gorgeous green countryside of Estancia Santa Domingo to meet the cowboys of Argentina – the gauchos.

The covers consisted of 5000 shots of tango sheet music that we found in a dusty shop just outside the center of Buenos Aires.

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A journey somewhat back home. Tokyo is kind of the heart and soul of our brand. A city that keeps inspiring us to create and develop. This is where we find that special Japanese spirit that makes us tick. In other words, we went to the heart of our philosophy. To the place where we created our very first collection.

The Japanese read from back to front and from up to down. So we turned the entire catalogue around and typed the letters up to down. We selected the paper extra carefully; they’re very picky with that detail in Tokyo.

We love the look of Japanese lettering. Consequently, we bought a bunch of newspapers, cut them into pieces, pasted a unique piece of newspaper on each catalogue, and numbered them by hand.


We decided that our next destination should be the opposite of grey Moscow. Color, joy, and too much of everything. We remembered charter-trip catalogues from the 1980s. Glossy paper, very nice people at even nicer beaches. Promises of sun, sand, and exotic food. A plastic world that really doesn’t exist. We wanted to celebrate the almost surreal feeling of those places.

We paid a visit to the world in which every day is a party. We travelled to Ibiza – the pleasure island – and enjoyed the last sunbeams of summer. We found a melting pot of people from around the world. We met crazy people on the beaches who had just left the clubs to sleep for a while in the sun, and then continue the party.

The covers have a glossy feeling, with a sun-yellow sticker, and are hand-numbered from 0001 to 5000.


Time to travel east. To Moscow. One of the strangest, most difficult journeys. Russia’s rules and regulations are not easy to understand. Our very limited knowledge about the Russian language, (Nastrovje, da) and their likewise limited English (hello) didn’t exactly make things easier.

We tried to embrace the culture and travelled from the Red Square to the Russian countryside, where we ate bear meat, drank vodka, and met old war heroes. In Moscow the Russian police almost arrested us while we imitated Mattias Rust’s small-plane landing on Red Square.

We were determined to have red velvet and golden letters on the catalogue covers. And when we decide on something, we don’t let anything like a little extra work get in our way. Cover production started with a one-month delay (due to the paper producer in Italy). They were then sent to Sweden to print the inside. Then to Denmark to get the gold-foil lettering – and back to Sweden for compiling with the rest of the catalogue. Then back to Denmark to distribute the catalogues. Each catalogue is hand-numbered from 0001 to 5000.


This journey brought us through the very heart of a country. Through forests – past lakes, villages, and people – off the beaten track in southern Sweden. A journey that took us back in time to small motels, cafés, and restaurants. Many of them forgotten. A few of them famous. All of them had one thing in common: they carry the heart and spirit of times gone by.

We travelled in a truly classic way: we bought our first company car – an old 1961 Volvo Amazon. Unfortunately this was the first and last journey we took in this car, because a handyman in a hurry ended our trip by crashing into us late on a Friday afternoon, on a gravel road among cows and flowers.

The catalogue covers were “postcards” extracted from all our photos – with new angles of Sweden’s countryside.


We love contrasts. After our trip to the desert, we went to the city that never sleeps. We packed our trunk, grabbed the camera, and landed in a rainy New York City. Because we love food, we decided to shoot catalogue photos from the angles of restaurant tables and bar stools on Manhattan. We ate and drank our way around the city – exploring it with our taste buds as our first means of transportation.

During our journey through NYC, we met wonderful, impressive people: friends from before and new acquaintances. From Coney Island’s fast food to uptown restaurants and fine dining. So join us for a taste of our culinary adventure and get a bite of the Big Apple the NN07 way.

The catalogue covers sported 5000 bars, restaurants, or food joints.


They do exist – people without nationality. Those who don’t belong to a country and don’t have a piece of land they can call their own. Two days of air, car, and camel travel took us to the Merzouga desert in northern Africa – on the border between Algeria and Morocco. There we met Brahim, Ali, Mimmid, and other proud desert nomads who contributed to our desert catalogue.

Victor, one of the NN07 founders, forced Pär, the art director, to make the journey without models. “If we’re going to make it, we’re going to make it for real. With real people. No fakes. No models.

That is when we made our first trunk-and-camera trip: one art director with a bag of clothes and one photographer with a camera. A concept and rules that we still follow.

The covers consisted of 5000 unique photos of textiles, textures, and tribal patterns that we discovered and photographed during the journey.


Paris was our first destination. Rémi Laroussine was the model – a juggler and street artist who we found walking the Paris streets. All photos were shot in one night in a basement, under a restaurant.

To make the unique covers, we visited Paris on 14 July – France’s national day. From sunrise to sunset, we took 5000 individual photos of Paris (only one was the Eiffel Tower). It might not sound too difficult, but it required one photo every 12th second – during a 16-hour period.

This was the first mission for our new friend and photographer Patrik. The deal was that he could take the photos for our catalogue in return for a trip to Paris – including a night on the town, with dinner and wine. It was a great deal. After 5000 clicks while roaming the Paris streets, he was an extremely tired man who had a small steak at 10 PM, tasted the wine, and collapsed into bed.


Din varekurv er tom