Partnering with creatives from around the world, NN.07 REMADE is a recreational design project highlighting the innovative usage of our leftover fabrics and surplus products.

For the first edition of the NN.07 REMADE project, we partnered up with textile designers Karoline Helbo and Rosa Lützen. Their task was to repurpose the fabric samples acquired during the development phase of our recent collaboration with Dutch textile innovation company BYBORRE. With the history of NN.07 in mind, they created an over-dimensioned pair of trousers and 7 pairs of slippers.


Remade by textile designers Karoline Helbo & Rosa Lützen.

“We have deconstructed the leftover textiles and woven them back together to create a detailed and beautiful colour interplay. Threads of unbleached linen yarn hold the coloured fabric strips together, and that combination of blue shades and light linen references denim.” Karoline states.

Rosa follows up: “Designed at an over-dimensioned scale, the trousers are handwoven on a Countermarch loom, and the irregularity that arises from that process makes the result more interesting to experience. Hopefully, the interplay between the oversized scale, the coarse weaving and the harmonious interplay of colours attract the attention of bypassers.”

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