Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action

We believe animal materials such as wool, down, and leather gives the best foundation for long-lived products. Animal materials get better with age and are almost unrivalled in natural functionality and durability. This comes with the responsibility of ensuring that the animals in our business are treated with dignity, free from abuse, raised responsibly, and protected from unnecessary stress. We follow the Five Freedoms set by the World Organisation for Animal Health, and we have defined 6 principles for using animal-based materials

Animal welfare


ANGORA - We entirely refrain from using angora wool, which is usually obtained through painful procedures for the animals.

DOWN & FEATHER - We do not accept any down or feather from animals that have been subject to cruel practices or abusive living conditions. We only accept down and feathers with a valid Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certificate.

FUR - We have banned the use of fur.

MULESING - The wool industry is very complex, and the treatment of Merino sheep can be cruel. We constantly keep track of our suppliers and will under no circumstance accept mulesing. We only use documented mulesing-free wool.

VEGAN LEATHER - We do not believe in the term vegan leather if it refers to synthetic plastic alternatives such as PU. We are looking into lab-grown alternatives but will only substitute leather if it shares the same patinating properties.

WOOL - We love wool but know that it is an area that needs transparency and close dialogue with our suppliers. Our ambition is to increase our use of certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard), organic and recycled wool.