In continuation of redefining the modern casual wardrobe, the concept of Workleisure persists. Comprising the notion of a collection that range from business to pleasure, Autumn Winter 2022 offers a selection of premium menswear for all the facets of everyday life.

The collection plays with the idea of tonal layering and the creation of a modern three-piece suit. Viewed through a contemporary lens the suit is smart but casual, cool, and sophisticated. Displayed in various earthy tones and different fabric combinations, the designs complement each other making for modern tonal looks.

As an eclectic infusion to the tonal layering, a contrast of sporty and vibrant styles tells the story of charismatic communities in 90’s New York. Including floral designs in handmade crochet that allows you to break free from the urban backdrop, making you stand out from the crowd. Offered in a color palette that includes cobalt, yellow and off-white. Available from August 2022