Pre-Spring 25 Preview

On a road trip to Upstate New York, we visited The Design Library in Wappingers Falls, home to the world’s largest collection of fabrics and paper designs. Among more than 7 million artworks, one in particular stood out.

Crafted in the ancient technique of Chigiri-e, a Japanese artwork from 1954 caught our attention. It perfectly balances creativity and craftsmanship by using torn strips of delicate dyed paper layered to form two leaves.

Leaves can be found on the jacquard-woven Rahim jacket, subtly embroidered on the Freddy shirt, and as bold motifs on the Mika cardigan. As in the forests of upstate New York, the colour palette welcomes the transition from autumn to spring as brown and rusty hues of autumn leaves are followed by the sprouting greens of spring.

As always carefully selected for everyday use, the materials include boiled Merino wool, yarn-dyed TENCEL Lyocell qualities, traceable Scandinavian leather, and a touch of linen. Launching late autumn 2024.