NN.07 + SLOP - Gourd Times With Friends

Introducing a ripe collaboration between NN.07 and SLOP to celebrate the launch of the magazine's third issue. Together with SLOP - a magazine about produce, published seasonally - an idea has sprouted into a joint event and a limited edition t-shirt that only grows in our Copenhagen Flagship, on nn07.com, and slopmagazine.com.

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Where did the inspiration for SLOP start?

The inspiration came from our other work. Nick has worked in food and hospitality – including stints as a butcher, greengrocer and working in restaurants – and Jack has worked in magazines. We would have great conversations about food, where things come from or what makes them good. We didn't feel like there was any version of that online or in print. SLOP is a mix of those experiences and a place to talk about things we’re really passionate about: great produce and the people making it, selling it and using it.


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What is one thing you talk about in the magazine that you wished more people knew about?

Jack: Pretty much everything in the magazine is something that we think more people should know about! One thing I’m particularly proud of is our wine coverage, shining a light on varieties and regions that a lot of people don’t know a huge amount about.


Nick: The importance of local shops. I think there's a lot of assumptions that your local shop is overpriced or trying to rip you off but lots of small delis, cheese shops, fishmongers etc. actually sell amazing products you probably won't find in other places. Plus they're employing people and, unlike huge multinationals, they're probably paying their proper amount of taxes. It's really important to preserve the ecosystem of these places.

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What is your favourite vegetable?

Jack: I’m a big fan of a Jerusalem artichoke. I think it’s called different things all over the world, but I love the sweet and earthy flavour. We’re also right in the middle of their season at the moment, so you’ll be able to get some great ones.

Nick: I love cime di rapa, which are the same as turnip tops – they're so often thrown away despite being amazingly good for you and absolutely delicious. They're a little bitter and somewhere between a kale and a spinach, amazing in pastas.

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Mark your Calender

Mark your calendars for the exclusive launch event, set to take place on February 1st at 5PM CET at the NN.07 Flagship Store on Gammel Mønt 7, Copenhagen.

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