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It’s not all about clothes.
It’s about life and living
it to its fullest.
There’s so much more to life than style and fashion. We love all things beautiful. Culture, art and music from all over the world, talented people and good food. (We LOVE food). Here, we share all that good stuff with you.
Larger-than-life, coffee-table book.
THIS JOURNEY TOOK US TO ITALY. An amazing country, fuelled by passion. We wanted to pay tribute to the Italian way of life, where things are still allowed to take time and are still crafted with expert knowledge. We created a larger-than-life, coffee-table book – well, maybe not that large (about 90 X 65 cm). But we think it’s quite big. The one-and-only Tobias Regell gets credit for all photos ( For a quick peek at the book, click down.

A conceptual food experience.
FOOD AND DRINKS IN MILAN vary extensively. From small espresso bars and a quick coffee (standing in the bar) – to a conceptual experience at Carlo e Camilla. This restaurant is in an old factory with raw concrete, chandeliers, and experimental food and beverages. Well worth a visit! Try the parmigiano martini.

Exploring Milan.
LIKE TO EXPLORE new places and cities? Regardless of your transportation choice (foot, bike, tram…), it’s best to be without a destination in mind. Random exploration leads to new, interesting things you didn’t know you wanted to see. Milan offers astounding architecture. We visited the Dome (construction started 700 years ago, and it’s still not finished). And the fantastic Torre Velasca from the 1950s is a must. The Fondazione Prada building is worth a visit because of its architecture and content. In 2014, Bosco Verticale – two residential towers/vertical forests – were erected north of central Milan – an incredible, growing, green architectural statement.

Mr. Louis Baffoe alias Black Mameli.
WE LOVE TALENT, and sometimes we just run into it. Take, for example, Louis Baffoe, our street-casted model, who we found at Milan’s train station. Louis (music producer and artist) goes under the name Black Mameli. Here is a sneak preview of his new, unreleased unofficial video called “On my shit”.

Big screen, Italian mood.
BESIDES FOOD AND MUSIC, people turn to film to get into an Italian mood – especially when waiting for spring and summer to arrive. La Dolce Vita (1960) is one such film – Federico Fellini’s award-winning masterpiece* with Italy’s Marcello Mastroianni and Sweden’s Anita Ekberg in the lead roles. A drama following journalist Marcello Rubini on his journey through seven days and nights in Rome – during his fruitless search for love and happiness. *La Dolce Vita remains one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. It won the Palme d’Or at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar for best costumes

Milano Bar, our personal choice.
Bar Devoti on Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 93 is our favorite watering hole. A very personal bar in which you can start your day with breakfast and great coffee. It’s been in the same family for three generations, and grandma still sits and sips her coffee there. The owner, is a living jukebox who spins his favorite records when the mood is right. After work, local artisans make their way here to grab a drink – singing opera – just because they can. Blend in and enjoy

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