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T H E   K Y O T O
For over 10 years we have travelled the globe and had uncountable amazing experiences and met some pretty remarkable people, and this season was no exception. On our journey, that took us to Kyoto, we tried poisonous food, met a real samurai, and found some of the best knives in the world. Read all about it in our latest magazine.
The making of our magazine, has always been based upon our travels, which we do in our own special way. We travel alone, with just a bunch of clothes, and our photographer, Tobias Regell. No make up or professional models are ever involved. Our aim is to find the true spirit of every destination we go to, which this time was Kyoto city in in the Kansai region of Japan.
So, why Kyoto? Well, this was a “back to our roots” kind of journey. Our original inspiration when we first launched the brand was Japan as we are inspired by both Japanese aesthetics and their sense of simplicity. The printed magazine itself is a tribute to the artistry and dedication to details that you find in Japan.
The stories in this magazine ranges from the venomous fish Fugu and the chef preparing it, to the meeting we had with a traditional woodcut printer, as well as our encounter with a Kobe beef chef, some of the world's finest knives, and our meeting with an actual samurai. Naturally we also had our street casted models presenting this years fall collection. The last 24 pages of the magazine contain a look book with the essential looks for this season.
We choose our material carefully, and use four different types of paper for the making of the magazine to get that handcrafted sensation. The cover was partially printed with a UV-coating on our logo-dot as well as on the Japanese signs for KYOTO.
Every magazine contains 4 different
kinds of paper, some of which are
glued by hand, and every magazine is
then individually numbered with
a stamp. We’ve made a limited
edition of only 4000 copies.
The editorial pages with text are printed on an especially thin paper, which we had to manually glue into each and every copy of the magazine. The special binding technique we’ve used is also chosen to give the magazine the right feel. After binding the 150 pages together, every magazine was numbered with a hand stamp, from 0001 to 4000. Feel like reading it? Well, you can either buy the magazine in our web shop, or place an order for some fine clothes from the shop and we'll gladly send you a copy along for free

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