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is a model.
We have always done things our way.
From our first trips to Paris, Morocco and
New York we only ever brought a bag of
clothes and relied upon our luck to find
the models we needed along the way.
So far we’ve been very lucky!
Over the years we’ve had numerous encounters with amazing people that we met along the way. Crazy dancers on the beaches of Ibiza, talented musicians in a bar in Buenos Aires, skateboarders in Tokyo, surfers in Lisbon and Maasai-warriors in Kenya.
One of the most exciting things about doing a street casting is that you never quite know what the next campaign will look like. The combination of the unpredictability of people, the weather and the places creates exciting and spontaneous settings that fuel the creativity in our work.
To us it’s amazing to see the change in people we approach in the streets, in bars and shops. Initially they are all totally unaware they could even be models but, then they go from doubt to curiosity into being interested, and finally they are so into it that they forget all about their doubts. When we show them the final results they are always surprised and amazed at what they’ve just done.

So to us – everyone is a model!

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