Sustainable Development Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities

By tracing, mapping and disclosing all tiers of our supply chain we work towards achieving full transparency. This transparency gives us data, which converted to knowledge, leads to informed decision-making. Decisions that support our mission towards social welfare and equal rights in accordance with our dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 10. This journey is long and bumpy, but we promise to openly share our progress, achievements, and challenges along the way.



Inspired by people from all around the world, we have always looked beyond borders to find dedicated craftsmen, suppliers, and textile experts, with whom to create responsibly made-to-last products.

From experience, we have found that forming close and long-term partnerships is paramount for us to achieving the best possible product. Therefore, we only work with a few select suppliers whom we trust completely. Several suppliers have been with us for more than 10 years.

Our relationships allow us to continuously innovate and create a unique honesty that is key to achieve transparency,  reducing our environmental impact, and supporting social welfare across our supply chain.

The majority of our production takes place in Europe, to keep production close to our offices in Copenhagen. This reduces transportation and hence the environmental impact of each product. It also makes it easier for us to schedule regular visits and ensure proper working conditions. In China, we work with a selection of trusted partners who are talented craftsmen and experts in the fields of technical outerwear and complex knitwear. As to keep material sourcing and production as close as possible, products crafted in China are usually made from high-quality Chinese-sourced materials.



Hellebro is an organization helping homeless youth in Denmark by offering shelter and housing. We support Hellebro by donating garments that have been returned and cannot be sold again, due to claims or other issues. At the moment, we cannot refurbish or repair returned garments ourselves, so instead of incinerating or recycling them, we donate them to Hellebro whose repair capabilities ensure that damaged products are refurbished and fit for use.


Skatkammeret is a recycling unit in Kolding that invites children and students to access waste materials from companies for upcycling and educational projects. Our high demands for quality mean that we gather many small material samples that are difficult to use once we have designed our products. Instead of discarding these, we donate our material samples to Skatkammeret to serve a purpose in re-design and upcycling projects.