For Holiday 22, we release our second installment of ‘To New Friends. With No Nationality’, where we present people with an international, inclusive, and inspirational outlook on the world.


Introducing Joakim and Anton - the talented musicians of First Hate. Following an epic performance at our Copenhagen Fashion Week party in August, the music of First Hate has become a permanent feature on our office playlists. Fun fact: Joakim has created his own Laoganma (Chinese chili oil) which he sells in Copenhagen.


Introducing Ananda and Jonathan - a digitally savvy German couple living in Copenhagen. We first met Ananda on our NN07 X SAYSKY campaign shoot and were intrigued by her story. Ananda was born in Rio De Janeiro and raised in Erlangen, Bavaria - and Jonathan from Offenburg in the idyllic Black Forrest met in university during their undergraduate studies.

The couple moved to the Danish capital shortly after to pursue their careers in digital design. Being close to nature and the sea but without compromising on cultural and social activities, they find Copenhagen to be the perfect place to balance their needs.


Introducing Louise - a gifted upcoming fashion designer. Louise has studied Fashion & Art at the renowned Gerrit Rietveld Academie and is currently living in Copenhagen. Louise embraces a genderless and classless design ethos and is working on a new project.


Introducing Sam - a passionate writer born in Beirut and living in Copenhagen. Sam’s debut as a writer came in 2000 with the critically acclaimed anthology “Love Cards” - since then, he’s worked in multiple advertising agencies. Today, he devotes his time to whisky drinking, screenwriting, writing op-ed pieces, and visiting his favourite water holes in Copenhagen, Marrakech, and Tunis.


Introducing Franck - a finance wiz with an obsession for shoes. Franck is a Parisian living in Copenhagen - and you can usually spot him at fashionable gatherings at trendy bars or galleries. He works in finance, yet his true passion is collecting shoes. Franck owns about 350 pairs of shoes.