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We look at the world in a different way, and we do things our own way. Inspired by those who dare. People brave enough to discover the world though their own eyes. Those we meet during our journeys across the world when we make our campaigns. On the streets of Paris, among nomads in Morocco, at restaurants in New York City, under the Kenyan sun, and in the Scottish islands. It doesn’t matter where they are, where they come from, or where they’re heading – for us everyone is equal, and it’s their journeys and personalities that attracts us. There’s no goal at the end – because it’s the journey itself that matters. We try to seize moments, and make a difference, by learning from the inspiring people we meet. Welcome to our journey.


We don’t like consuming without thinking and just throwing things away. For us clothes are just like people. They get better with time, and become part of your own. After years of wear, they can tell their own story. That’s why we create clothes that stand the test of time. We’re talking about the originals of tomorrow. This is probably our history speaking to us. The feeling of our first pair of really, really great pants. The feeling of wearing outstanding garments that make us feel and look good. We’ve always aimed to create items that transcend trends because they’re made with fabrics that last, so they can be worn every single day if so desired. Clothes that stand the test of time – in style and quality.


We are different – we know we are. We are seriously dedicated to our work, and we will never be average. We can’t help being nerds when it comes to fabrics, details, and quality. Sometimes we’ll have a two-hour discussion about a button. It’s all about appreciating the small things in the big picture. For us it’s important that our customers love their clothes even more the more they wear them. It’s about understanding the importance of good craftsmanship. We just must admit to ourselves that our nerdiness creates better products, because we are never satisfied with the second best. This dedication applies not only to our garments. It permeates everything we do. From our office space and our concept stores, all the way to our choice of paper, typography and packaging. And of course, who we choose to work with. They are all probably just as dedicated as we are.

Din varekurv er tom